Static calculations of constructions

CSK Steel has its own designing department staffed with skilled engineers and the newest calculation and designing software. It gives us the possibility to maximally optimize constructions and allow us to be more flexible in compliance with customers’ wishes and local norms and Euro-code.

Calculations take into account:

Wind load

Snow load

Roofing dead load

Equipment load, etc.


CSK Steel uses up-to-date, modern and efficient metal working machines in the production process. At the company’s factory, drilling and sawing machinery can accommodate beams of even above HE1000B (ES Standard), which are drilled and sawn at full travel length.

At our production unit in Latvia, which occupies a total area of 12,500 m2, the focus is on high quality of products and extremely high labor productivity of workers.

The great attention in our production process is paid to delivery and labeling of materials to ensure optimum production flow, high production efficiency and excluding risk of errors.


Quality control

"CSK Steel" Ltd. has the system of internal quality control including a control scheme.

This control scheme provides for continuous production control from material’s purchase to pick-up of finished products from the factory.

We control purchased material according to customer’s requirements to be sure the materials meet European standards. We can control a purchased material in terms of its conformity to the certificate upon customer’s request; this work is performed by independent experts.

In the production process we execute quality control which includes verification of every detail to ensure conformity to the designer-developed technological process and compliance with the given drawings in production.

We also control the painting process. In this process we verify execution of the technological process set by a paint production company for each individual order. In the further process we check that our products leave the company fully completed and supplied with all corresponding documents.


The high quality of CSK Steel products does not stop at production. It also continues in the erection process ensuring high precision and compliance with all applicable regulations.

Our erection team possesses both experience and professional skills needed to carry out erection of metal constructions at the highest level of quality.

The qualitative work of the erection team also means that the work is carried out at the agreed time and with full respect for the other professionals involved in the project.