"CSK Steel" Ltd. is an international company specialized in design, manufacture and erection of bearing steel constructions for building industry. This is the reason why we employ engineers, designers, draftsmen and draftswoman, arc-welders, operators of specialized machinery and equipment, workers, quality control personnel, steel construction painters, erection team and professionals of other trade.

    Since foundation of the enterprise, the number of employees has constantly grown. Located in Tukums, it attracts employees from far and near, incl., Riga, Jelgava, Talsi, Dobele and other regions. Currently almost 200 people of various trades are employed, the professionalism and competitiveness of which has been increasing due to company’s support in further education and field and skill development training of employees.

    We gladly welcome in our team those who are creative, willing to work, responsible and have technical set of mind.

    The company guarantees to its employees stable and competitive salary according to qualification and social guarantees including health insurance.