CSK Steel

“CSK Steel” Ltd. is specialized in design and manufacture of bearing steel constructions for building industry. We have also specialized in manufacturing of light frame steel constructions with a tie formed across the supports which considerably reduces the size of building foundation, costs, and shortens construction time of a building achieving quicker substantial completion of a building.

Our engineers use up-to-date CAD/ CAM software for calculations of three-dimensional building structure models, design and automated detailing which ensures execution of calculations in compliance with requirements of different building regulations.

In the design of buildings, draftsmen create a three-dimensional model, which is visually very demonstrative, excludes error and decreases design time providing for a faster exchange of information during the coordination phase.

In the course of our work we utilize most up-to-date semi-automatic welding machines and a four-way welding machine which ensure high productivity and quality of constructions, as a result of which economy of resources and lower prices for any set of constructions are achieved.